Thursday, October 08, 2015

NO WAY on Conservancy for Bicentennial Park (Museum Park) - will be heard today. By Geniusofdespair

The City of Miami is hearing the wacky PRIVATE Conservancy idea for Bicentennial Park (They call it Museum Park). It is happening too quickly without enough public input. Don't do it!! What is the rush, does Commissioner Marc Sarnoff need a legacy? The park has recently opened, give it a chance. I wrote about this dumb idea in depth. Read the damn article. As Clark Kent said in my article:
The park looks great now. It's better to leave well enough alone. For the first time, I actually like a park in the City of Miami and thought the City had done a good thing for the public. The park is not cluttered with crap or commercialism. The open green spaces are so few in downtown Miami, to have this in the heart of the city is an unexpected delight. But of course, this being Miami, anything that is free and good and open is eyed by private for profit special interests for their own enterprise. Let's not let that happen. What a dumb idea to consider tearing up the park to build an underground parking garage - on the Bay - and all this for an upscale restaurant?
They are so intent on stealing this park from the public, piece by piece over the years. They have one museum that can only afford a shell and another that has private parties all the time. Let the dust settle, let the Science Museum open first. What else do they want from us.....tell the City of Miami commissioners: We need more time to digest this Manny Diaz idea as we might want to barf it up.

Vladimir Putin: welcome to Syria ... by gimleteye

Vladimir Putin: welcome to Syria.

The hell-on-earth that Bashar Al Assad has turned Syria into is now being joined by the army of the unchallengeable leader of Russia. The scorched earth is going to be scorched again.

Who would want to live in Syria? Apparently, a lot fewer.

Meanwhile, "The U.S. Treasury is seeking information from Toyota about how the terror group has gotten hold of the automaker's trucks, which have been shown in ISIS propaganda videos." Not just propaganda videos.

Any visitor to the Mideast knows that Toyota pickup trucks are everywhere.

Maybe the answer to ISIS' Toyotas is to put American soldiers in pickups, too, with mounted machine guns. If it's not Toyotas the terrorists are scrambling in; it will Suzuki or some version that emerges from the Eastern bloc or Russia.

There are going to be very few pieces to pick up in the hot zones of the Mideast.

More than ever, for regional neighbors of Syria, intervention is about keeping the desert conflagrations of the Caliphate away from the Kingdoms and Israel and Iran. These wars without end, though, promise that low-tech, asymmetric warfare will continue to bleed out towards Europe and Russia, too.

Putin, one hopes, is not insane. The chances of Russian intervention in Syria going his way are very, very slim.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Hold the UDB Line Deadline for Letter Sign On to PAB is TODAY! By Geniusofdespair

From Tropical Audubon:

Hold the Line on SPRAWL and tell Miami-Dade County Commission to deny the expansion of the urban development boundary (UDB).

The county is considering two applications that would be devastating to the Everglades ecosystem, water supply and farmlands; especially with the threat of Sea Level Rise. Tell the county to protect the environment and deny these applications.

Read More about the UDB on our website and what you can do NOW.  
A paragraph from letter to the PAB read the whole letter...

Hold the Urban Development Boundary Line
Deadline: Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#1: LAST CALL FOR SIGN-ONS!  Click here to sign the community letter against expanding the UDB as proposed by Applications Nos. 7 & 8 to the Comprehensive Development Master Plan (CDMP).

E-mail Sarah
1) name of your organization's representative, 
2) representative's title, and 
3) name of your organization, by COB TODAY!

OCTOBER 19TH is the Planning Advisory Board Meeting at 10 AM.

The Waldman Dynasty has Ended in Hudstead. By Geniusofdespair

Larry Roth

Realtor Larry Roth got 58.19% of the vote to become a Council member in seat 3. That is a measly 970 votes out of 24,120 registered voters. Roth takes over the seat occupied by Judy Waldman ( the one that Judy's husband Mervin was campaigning for). Mervin got 413 votes.  Jeff Porter won in a landslide vote of 73.79% (1,236 votes).

Roth won with 4% of registered voters. Hudstead is such a disappointment. Wayne Rosen will have to be kissing some new ass.

Judy was in office from 2001 -- 14 years.

Who Is Cloning A Miami Official's Cell Phone and Why? The Competition For Eye On Miami 2015 Story of the Year Heats Up! ... by gimleteye

Around this time of year, our thoughts turn to the best story of 2015. What have we heard and written about that makes the top grade? It is not every year we have a David Rivera and Ana Sol Aliegro mystery, to light up our readers' eyes.

Up to now, this year's leading candidate for Eye On Miami Story of the Year was Miami-Dade County Commissioner Pepe Diaz' recent arrest and videotape by Key West police. Diaz was captured for time eternal on his motorcycle wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the word, “CARTEL”.

It is so much more succinct than “Unreformable Majority”. Anyhow, we have a competitor.

South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard, FIU professor, leading advocate against new nuclear reactors at Turkey Point by FPL, and spokesperson on climate change, reports the following:

"On Oct 2 at 4:01 pm, I received a phone call from South Miami Commissioner Bob Welsh’s mobile phone. I recognized the phone number but I did not recognize the male caller’s voice. His accent was American and the connection was clear. The caller asked, "Did you leave this bag of cables on the table for me?" I replied, “Excuse me? I’m sorry who is this?” The caller abruptly hung up."

Mayor Stoddard used the recent call feature on his phone to call back Welsh's number. Welsh immediately answered.

"I asked Bob if he was with anybody,” Stoddard told this reporter, “Or if he had possession of his cell phone for the past few minutes and he said, yes, it was in his hand now, and he’d had it with him all day.”

Evidently, someone had gone to the trouble of hijacking Bob Welsh’s phone by cloning it and then mistakenly dialing Mayor Stoddard’s phone number.

Mayor Stoddard suggested that City Commissioner Welsh get a new cell phone.

This story and wise advice makes this, a real contender for Eye On Miami Story of the Year.

Celebreties Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves on Jimmy Kimmel. By Geniusofdespair

Watch on YouTube

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

2016 Presidential Contest: we now have an over-arching theme -- "Stuff Happens" ... by gimleteye

Students of Jeb Bush's terms as Florida governor know exactly what the candidate meant when he responded to the recent Oregon shooting massacre at a local college by shrugging, "stuff happens".

What Jeb meant, in those two words, was that government's role is appropriately a limited one. Moreover, because we have a Second Amendment guaranteeing the right of citizens to bear arms, that additional regulations to protect people from harm from gun violence is contrary to what is best for the public.

The problem with the Jeb Bush theme is not that "stuff happens", it is his conviction that the choice about what stuff happens belongs to him.

That's exactly what happened when Jeb reached around Michael Schiavo and interfered with the fate of Terri Schiavo. "Stuff happens" but it happens the way conservatives want stuff to happen.

Take another example: cancer clusters or severe staph infections being contracted from contact with Florida's badly polluted waterways. You could say that stuff -- cancer, untreatable bacterial infections -- happens. But you could also say it happens because government, under extremist agendas, protects corporations over people.

Stuff happens for a reason, and it is not God's will. One hopes voters get the difference.

MDX Member Robert Holland: Bad Boy of Financial Disclosures in the State of Florida. By Geniusofdespair

Not submitting a financial disclosure form in a timely manner incurs a fine. $1,500 Maximum per year is the fine. Robert Holland owes $6,000 for previous years. As of October 31st it will be $7,500 that he owes (60 days late incurs the max for the year).

This year he submitted the wrong form, after all these years he should know better, and he was notified about it. GET THIS GUY OFF ALL BOARDS. If he can't file a financial disclosure form as required, who needs him?

You are in for a treat, he did file one form for 2012 (received by Ethics Dept. in 2014) and he has his TAX RETURN on it.

He is mortgaged to the hilt. How does one pay off $2,500,000 in mortgages (5 of them) on a total income of about $71,374 (that was in 2012) or adjusted gross income of $65,084?  That would be about $10,000 a month in mortgage payments, more than he makes. Maybe he has a rich uncle or rich wife. He paid about $10,000 in taxes in 2012.

I guess we know what he is hiding, bad financial decisions and he is making decisions for us on the Miami Dade County Expressway Authority (MDX)? Throw him off other board members, this has to stop. He promised in 2014 this behavior would end, it has not.

Some others who are late filing their financial disclosures:
They have not submitted their Financial Disclosure Forms - The fine is on the right for only this year. On October 31st it jumps to $1,500.

Monday, October 05, 2015

More on Cancer Clusters in Miami-Dade: Do Not Seek And Ye Shall Not Find ... by gimleteye

Back in August 2009, I wrote, "Do Not Seek And Ye Shall Not Find: The Story of Florida and Cancer Clusters". I quoted the Palm Beach Post on the topic of clusters, related to its controversial coverage of The Acreage and residents' heart-wrenching testimony that they lived amidst a cancer cluster: "The Post noted in what seemed to me an extraordinary admission for the mainstream media: "Sometimes they find a cause. Often they don't. Frequently, politics trumps science."

I added, six years ago: " ... in Florida, in the quest to protect the public and public health, politics does trump science. Leaders of the Florida legislature like former Senate president Ken Pruitt and governors like Jeb Bush quickly and rapidly buried any talk, discussion, or investigation about the standards of inquiry or science and resources dedicated to proactively dealing with chemicals and toxics in the environment, or, cancer clusters."

In June 2015, I wrote another column, even more widely distributed: "Cancer Clusters in Florida: The Silence of the State". I quoted a 2014 study and follow-up review by some of the nation's foremost statisticians: "“In south Florida, the cluster encompasses the southwest, south central and southeast regions where “… compared with the state, there is a statistically significant 36% increased risk of childhood cancer."

The column concluded:
"I recently submitted two questions to the Florida Department of Health: 1) In a recent journal of the American Statistical Association, Dr. Lance Waller summarized the results of five independent statistical analyses of cancer data in Florida. What is the DOH response to that report? 2) Pediatric Blood Cancer 2010 published an earlier study, “Epidemiological Mapping of Florida Childhood Cancer Clusters”. What was the DOH response to that article, at the time and has the position of DOH changed or is it the same? In response, I received the following statement: “The Florida Department of Health cannot comment on the two studies mentioned as we have not had adequate time to review.”

Three months have passed. It is now October and the State of Florida has still not responded.

Last week, the state's chief epidemiologist, Dr. Sharon Watkins, resigned. Where is Miami-Dade County government and its leadership on this political issue: the need to investigate pediatric cancer clusters as demonstrated by statistical evidence?

Why is Mayor Carlos Gimenez silent?

At the very least, the mayor ought to convene a group of the region's top hospital CEO's to examine, themselves, the state's silence. Maybe that would budge what is surely the most tone-deaf governship in the history of Florida.

Mayor Gimenez is now in a re-election campaign, hoovering campaign cash from donors whose wealth -- it bears emphasis -- does not shield them or their children from cancer. Gimenez claims to be "keeping his promises" to voters. But does his campaign theme extend to protecting the health and welfare of children in Miami-Dade county from cancer clusters in our midst? Silence.

Finally, where is the mainstream media on this subject!? For God's sakes, people, this topic should not be ventilated on a blog. The media covers car crashes, robberies, hurricanes and other tragedies. Why, nothing about cancer clusters? Why?

Damn you. By Geniusofdespair

Yes I deleted a comment about Steve Shiver and was accused of trying to protect him. That is rich. We allow anonymous comments but you cannot make criminal charges against people unless you can substantiate them ESPECIALLY ANONYMOUSLY. So between yesterday's comments ( go look at them) and the one I deleted twice about Steve Shiver, I have a lot of thinking to do, like why I expose myself to abuse from strangers. Am I nuts or what? This is the only blog that takes comments anonymously. Maybe that has to end. I am beginning to really hate people, even more than  I did before I started blogging. We have 9,443 posts since November 2006. Our 9th year is coming up. Maybe this should be the climate change blog and that is all we will write about. Climate change day after day after day....

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Sunday and I have NOTHIN'...By Geniusofdespair

I do like my latest painting. I don't why. It is not really that good looking. Maybe because it is someone helping another  person. I usually paint nice people as opposed to what I think of "real" people. Maybe my paintings would be better if I painted more authentically what I think of people.

I sat next next to the sweetest little girl at Books and Books. I have known her parents for years and I like them. She grew up to be such a gentle soul. I was happy to see that. Someday I will have to try to paint her.

Miami City Mayor Tomas Regalado got married in June.
Tomas & Ana Regalado

Jet Blue advertised a one day $39 fare. I got 2 tickets, it was for real. I am going to L.A. The catch, the way back is $159 but hey, still a good deal.

If you want to read a good take on Yogi Berra (a brief history to boot) read Kurt Stone, the Liberal Rabbi, Historian. Don't know Berra? He was one of a kind: "It ain't over till it's over" is one of his quotes.

I read in the Miami Herald that peanut butter and fluff day is coming. Maybe it is not called fluff, it is that marshmallow stuff in a jar. I thought, that could be interesting, I like peanut butter, until I remembered marshmallows are puffed up sugar. No kale or tofu in them. Hmmm. I really do hate anything without sugar in it. I am a sugar addict. Maybe I will have to celebrate Peanut Butter Fluff day.

Well, I was expecting Gimleteye to write about global warming,  !Jeb!, or flooding so I didn't prepare.

I could write about Donald Trump, who I will vote for. I do think he is a horrible human being. Why? Because of what he did to the residents of Doral. He didn't care. He said he would have his daughter meet with them, never happened. Liar.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
video on local 10

If you don't watch the damn video here is a synopsis:

Doral golf course owner Donald Trump blocked the long time views of the golf course, had by residents, with Areca Palms leaving residents without light and views and diminished their property values. He even built islands in the water hazards and put the palms on them to block the houses from HIS view. Just imagine a golfer having to see a home? Oh, how awful for them. Some of the homes are valued at over a million dollars each. They are well maintained.

The high growing trees (they are classified as trees and grow over 20 feet and 8 to 10 feet in diameter) are being planted up against the people's units property line blocking their light and view. Donald Trump has left the people weighing their option of selling out their communities to highrise developers.

Donald Trump is a greedy bastard in my opinion. He should agree to buy the land so he has control on what is built instead of screwing the homeowners who were already there. So vote for him. If this is how he acts on the small scale, we will have a dictator. I suppose that is what everyone wants. As a Rino, I want him in the race.