Thursday, March 26, 2015

What Are Pinky Munz and Wayne Rosen Up To with this PAC? By Geniusofdespair

Munz is the $5,000 and Rosen is the $20,000 in Moving Forward PC.
Pinky Munz
Wayne Rosen
You always have to keep your eye on Homestead. If you turn your back on Hudstead you never know what will appear.

WELL NOW I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE UP TO and it ain't about the golf course unless it is the vote that this would bring them:
The first is protected under Federal Law. They aren't VOTED in as vice mayor, they just take turns. It is a meaningless difference from being a councilperson.  Why should they serve extra time? I think because Munz and Rosen want Judy Waldman, who is termed out, to stay in office. Lynda Bell would do something like this. I am shocked it is Waldman. Is she back to her old ways?

Also in Homestead:

Farm Share may be forced to end giving food to about 6,200 families and 250 agencies if Miami-Dade Commissioners vote to cut off funding to the nonprofit for the next budget year, which begins Oct. 1.

All they want is money for refrigeration and fuel for their trucks which deliver the perishable donated produce, about $280K. Do you think that Munz and Rosen will contribute? Them Helping??

Tom Engelhardt: Is a New Political System Emerging in This Country … by gimleteye

78 percent of Florida voters approved Amendment 1 last November. Voters thought they were providing a secure funding source for purchase of environmentally sensitive lands. At least that's what voters thought.

Amendment 1 will generate at least $20 billion in the next two decades, from the allocation of a portion of the real estate documentary stamp tax for land acquisition.

This session of the Florida legislature though, under Gov. Rick Scott's watchful eye, is proving not just that voters are wrong but that a shadow government rules one of the nation's most important electoral states.

Consider that despite 78 percent of voters approval to purchase lands -- for example, exercising the option to purchase US Sugar lands in the Everglades Agricultural Area -- the current plan is to spend less than 1 percent of available funding on land acquisition.

The rest? It would be for water supply projects and infrastructure that generate enormous campaign contributions from state sponsored cronies: billionaire sugar barons, well drillers, cement manufacturers, and -- of course -- all the King's Men building suburban sprawl in wetlands.

Amendment 1 funding -- it turns out -- is being used as a spigot for campaign money.

The blatant disregard for voters and taxpayers is occurring in the midst of a steady counterinsurgency: Tea Party acolytes are accusing the state of Florida of planning "unnecessary" land grabs. Disinformation campaigns -- such as those waged by Sunshine State News -- are standard operating procedure.

The net result is exactly what Tom Engelhard examines in "Is a New Political System Emerging in This Country?" It has already emerged.

Call it a shadow government by special interests or, as a friend wrote me this morning, "a return to the 1890s".

But there is a key difference between the Age of the Robber Barons and today. In 1890, the consolidation of wealth and power was around the opening of vast profits from natural resource exploitation through industrial processes. Today, wealth is consolidating around the closing of opportunities and scarcities anticipated by climate change.

The founders of the American republic and authors of the Bill of Rights and Constitution could not have anticipated or imagined scenarios under which operators of the economy could exploit scarcity with the same rigor and results as the opening of the American West.

Today's consolidation of power and wealth is happening under the noses of voters and taxpayers.

As many have noted, the gridlock in Congress and federal government-designed-to-fail has shifted the balance of power and struggle for supremacy to the states. For example, Florida. Engelhardt writes, "… the evidence of this (new political system), however inchoate, is all around us and yet it’s as if we can’t bear to take it in or make sense of it or even say that it might be so."

The example, above, of the Florida GOP legislature tampering with Amendment 1 to consolidate its own power speaks for itself.

Tomgram: Engelhardt, Is a New Political System Emerging in This Country?
Posted by Tom Engelhardt at 8:04am, March 19, 2015.
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The New American Order
1% Elections, The Privatization of the State, a Fourth Branch of Government, and the Demobilization of "We the People"
By Tom Engelhardt

Have you ever undertaken some task you felt less than qualified for, but knew that someone needed to do? Consider this piece my version of that, and let me put what I do understand about it in a nutshell: based on developments in our post-9/11 world, we could be watching the birth of a new American political system and way of governing for which, as yet, we have no name.

And here’s what I find strange: the evidence of this, however inchoate, is all around us and yet it’s as if we can’t bear to take it in or make sense of it or even say that it might be so.

Germanwings and Pilot Safety after 9/11 … by gimleteye

It can only mean one of two things, when one pilot is locked outside of the cockpit and the pilot inside is incapacitated at the controls. Either the pilot inside is on a suicide mission, or, he is unconscious.

News leaking out of the French Alps is horrifying. According to the NY Times, the retrieved voice recorder contains the sounds of the pilot, outside the cockpit, trying to break the locked door down -- to gain access back inside. If that is true, then the final ten minutes of life for the 144 passengers was abject horror.

Since 9/11, passenger jets have taken off and landed safely millions of times. The hardened access to the cockpit to prevent terrorists from taking over cockpits has worked. Still, in this case -- and possibly a few others -- an impregnable cockpit door was a death sentence for passengers.

Designing a fail safe system of protecting the cockpit, when the technology everywhere else on a passenger jet is 21st century, should not be rocket science. In an age when drones and cars can be controlled remotely, there ought to be a safe way to protect passengers when pilots are incapacitated.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

More, the GOP Commandments on Climate Change … by gimleteye

"The GOP 10 Commandments on Climate Change", first printed here, is making its way around the web and finding a wide audience.

One by one, I'm commenting on each of the commandments (and so are some of our readers).

The second commandment of the GOP on climate change: "We are the top predator. Others must adapt to us or die."

This commandment has a literal example in Florida: the establishment of Ave Maria University by then Governor Jeb Bush right in the middle of habitat of the state's iconic endangered species: the Florida panther.

In 2007, we wrote: "After years of effort in 2006, environmental groups succeeded in litigation that stopped Scripps from the far western site called Mecca Farms, where it would have anchored massive new growth stretching toward sugar lands. But one place that Jeb succeeded was the insertion of a faith-based community and educational institution at the edge of the Everglades in Collier County."

Ave Maria was permitted by Jeb Bush's environmental agencies in prime Florida panther habitat. The faith-based educational institution skipped past environmental law when federal agencies refused to put up a fight. In sum, the sprawl that emerged around Ave Maria is a bold statement to dissenters: "We are the top predator. Others must adapt to us or die."

After all, it is in the Bible. There is no passage that better illustrates the Republican claim to legitimacy on blocking climate change regulations than the GOP interpretation of Genesis 1:26-28. It might as well be in the Republican presidential climate-change platform for 2016:

"Then God said, 'Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.' God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. God blessed them; and God said to them, 'Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth...'"

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I personally don't care about Climate Change or Global Warming. By Geniusofdespair

If it doesn't happen to be true I, as a registered Republican, will be very happy. I will buy more Koch brother products like Vanity Fair Super Sized Napkins and vote to put in more  Blank Blank deniers. There are certain repercussions if Blank Blank is true (Rest of the planet, just so you know: In Florida we are NOT ALLOWED to use the words or we get fired or are forced to see a psychiatrist).

If Blank Blank is true:

1. It will thin out the Euro Trash on Miami Beach and the Hispanics pouring into our borders. That would be good for us. Just think, no more immigration issues to deal with.
2. Rubio won't win the presidential election. Bad for us.
3. Rick Scott won't become Senator. Bad for us. Love that Rick Scott.
4. Water World will be a prophecy movie instead of just a bad movie. Bad for us, Good for Hollywood.
5. All our grandchildren will be in deep shit, I mean water. Good and bad, do we really care about their future? Do we even like them? We shouldn't even be reproducing.
6. Flood Insurance? What is that? At least it will save us money when they do away with it, so that is good for us. We will have to dump our waterfront mansions, that is bad for us.
7. Ice caps melting. Photoshop.
8. Saltwater intrusion in our aquifer. Build a Desalination plant on Mount Trashmore.

While all you chicken-littles (Gimleteye being one of the biggest believers) worry about blank blank, I will be at the casino playing Texas Hold-em and smoking cigars with my Republican non-believer friends. I will have my wet suit ready just in case. You never know what those damn Democrats can do with hair super-size them. They have super-sized their Beverages haven't they? That is why all Democrats are fat.

The true reason ice caps are melting, Democratic Plot: Unmanned Aerial Drones.

GOP Commandment 1: Climate change is like the weather: there is nothing we can do about it … by gimleteye

Although GOP leaders act as though climate change doesn't exist -- in red states like Florida even banning officials from even uttering the words (cf. Gov. Rick Scott), Republican leaders are far from clueless on the issue, its reality and threat.

Their spin doctors provoke red meat voters; what a cold winter it's been in the Northeast, "Little Ice Ages", but these points of misdirection are to keep the Republican base boiling. GOP leaders can't avoid either the science or evidence of climate change.

Doing "something" about climate change is directly opposed to the interests of the GOP's key funders: polluting industries that depend on externalizing costs; whether damage to the atmosphere or using public waters as their sewage outfalls.

The problem for Republican leaders on climate change is the mismatch between the premise of limited government against the real, unlimited liability from climate change.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Apple Lets Me Buy the Songs...By Geniusofdespair

My password is good enough to buy the songs but to put them on my phone so I can listen to them...nope. I got locked out of my ITunes account for 8 hours for being bad, entering my password too many times.  What a waste of time.  This is all I am doing today and last night: trying to fix it. I do what the box says and I loop back to it about 4 windows later. Did all again today, this time with tech support. We both got locked out for 8 hours. I don't know the answers to my personal security questions. The only one I knew: My first job was taking pictures of Santa Claus and the kids. Got fired for too many double exposures.  Did you ever get tech takes hours, sometimes days.

And all you damn trolls, we know you are commenting on the previous post.

Revealed: The GOP's Ten Commandments on Climate Change … by gimleteye

In public, GOP leaders are climate change deniers. In private, they understand climate change perfectly well. The difference is that disclosure doesn't serve the party's purposes. Climate change denial -- against the backdrop of accumulating science and fact -- is like an electrical charge stimulating the Republican base.

Here are the GOP's ten commandments of climate change.
1) Climate change is like the weather: there is nothing we can do about it.

2) We are top predator. Others must adapt to us or die.

3) It doesn't matter if climate change is man-made: whatever happens is God's will.

4) Since our God in the only God, we know what is best for you.

5) As the party of limited government, any effort to strengthen environmental regulations is cutting our own throats.

6) As the party of capitalism, we are against any climate-driven protectionism unless it serves our interests.

7) If climate change requires subsidies, existing subsidies will be protected, first. Any additional subsidies will have to adapt to ours.

8) Dissenters on climate change are psychological deviants, to be dealt with and isolated from decision-making.

9) If there is a dispute on climate change between constituencies the GOP represents, the leadership will side with that person who concentrates our political power.

10) We will adapt our behavior to impacts of climate change as they happen, not before.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eagles' Nest in North Miami Area. by Geniusofdespair

It is on a cell phone tower on the West side of Biscayne Blvd. Around 152th Street NE, behind a strip mall. They are preparing the nest at the moment. Nothing is there but twigs.

The Nest is it on the right of the photo.

The Passion Play: Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Florida … by gimleteye

Whoever is editing for the New York Times on the relationship between Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio is missing the historical fact of their relationship: superior to subordinate.

This morning's front page story portrays Jeb Bush, strategists and loyalists "locking up" donors against a Marco Rubio run for the GOP presidential primary in Florida as though Marco is a credible challenger. He is not.

The piece the Times gets right: Jeb Bush can't win the general election in 2016 unless he wins Florida.

Marco Rubio will be in the primary but not to win. His role -- funded as it may be, by Norman Braman -- is to "walk point" for Jeb in primary season against the GOP freak show.

Jeb will be the elder statesman. Marco will sound like an acolyte to show his chops; ready to be president … but not this time.

For Jeb, Marco will blunt the impact of the carnival acts -- whether Ted Cruz or Rick Santorum. Marco will blunt the attacks against Jeb from the right wing nuts. Elsewhere, I described Marco as being leader of a roller derby team who organizes the train to whip the fastest to the front.

The Republican primary is shaping up to be a Passion Play and not a real competition.

The Yourth Fair: The Full Page Ad War against FIU Continues. By Geniusofdespair

Save the money from the ads Youth Fair's CEO Robert Hohenstein and use it to sue FIU. Nothing else will work. This is the second full page ad in the Miami Herald. It is a waste of money. Here is an excerpt:

First ad I saw was March 10th.